Strategic Growth

For many medical professionals embarking on private practice for the first time, simply getting the business up and running is an achievement in itself.

But while most invest time and energy into establishing the business, once the practice is open for business many practitioners adopt a “set and forget” attitude as they concentrate on their core area of expertise – treating patients.

Business growth doesn’t always happen organically; it requires a dedicated commitment of time, money and strategic planning to ensure a strong future for your private practice.

Knowing how to expand your client base can be almost as mystifying as setting up the business in the first place.

Our Strategic Growth Package is designed specifically for medical professionals looking to take their practice to the next level, offering an integrated package of services focussed on enhancing the performance of your business, including:

Strategic Business Planning +

A clear plan for growth is crucial for those looking to expand their business now and into the future. We will work with you to identify opportunities in your marketplace, highlight any threats to your growth and work out the steps that need to be taken to ensure a professional and profitable private practice.

Referrer Marketing +

A solid referrer base is essential for the growth of your private practice. Understanding how to develop and maintain that base is an important skill for any medical professional looking to establish or expand a thriving business.

While it takes time to build any solid relationship, Best Case can help you cut through the noise and make a mark on your referral network with effective short-term and long-term marketing campaigns.

Designed to develop a feeling of trust between yourself and your current / potential referrers, our marketing strategy will be tailor made to suit your message, timeframe and budget, targeting the most suitable recipients in your core location.

Services can include the creation and distribution of marketing materials such as newsletters and brochures, as well as activities to facilitate direct contact with key representatives in your referral network.

Event Management +

Event planning is not generally a skill required by medical professionals. But marketing events can be an effective means of communicating directly with a range of stakeholders in your private practice, from referrers through to the patients themselves.

Whether you’re looking to officially launch your relocated practice or promote new products or services, we can create an event to remember, customised to your requirements.

Best Case can offer a turn-key events package that takes care of everything, from organising the catering to creating the event invitations and managing the RSVPs.

Our team will work with you to prepare an event brief and set a budget before taking the lead on every aspect of its organisation, from designing the invitations and marketing the event to preparing professional-looking presentation material for use on the day.

Team Alignment and Development +

A cohesive and functional team is crucial to the successful growth of your private practice. Our specialists understand that a strong team culture is one of your biggest competitive advantages, ensuring your private practice is professional, profitable, operates efficiently and grows effectively.

To facilitate the growth and alignment of your team’s culture we offer a range of options, which are presented by professionals with expertise in team development:

  • outdoor team building and group activities;
  • indoor team building and group activities; and
  • team development workshops.

Regardless of where you are on your private practice journey, why not take advantage of our initial complementary consultation  to find how we can ensure your private practice is professional, profitable, operates efficiently and grows effectively.