Sea Change Weight Loss Clinic

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About Sea Change

 Sea Change Weight Loss Clinic specialises in weight management and the surgical treatment of obesity. Together with GPs, dietitians and psychologists, the Clinic provides a holistic approach to weight loss and ongoing management.

The Challenge

We had to set up an entire new practice in a little over a month, merging two bariatric and general surgeons who were working at separate practices. What a huge challenge! It was during the Christmas period, so the challenge was definitely set. A priority was to have smooth transition in a very tight time frame and without too much disruption to our patients.

The Solution

We needed everything except the commercial lease and an accountant, two key aspects that were already sorted out. However, in order to open the doors of the practice on our goal date we would need to recruit staff, design, build and fit out the office space, migrate all of our patient data, arranged signage, and set up IT systems and computers with a new medical software package. 

All the projects needed to be undertaken whilst we were both working and we considered it insurmountable given our time restrictions. We needed someone across these areas to support us and this is where Gareth and Best Practice came in. We appreciated Gareth’s great communication, and attention to detail, following up on every little hurdle along the way to ensure we were on schedule.  

Best Case was part of our solution to open in the timeframe we required.  Gareth’s support and advice with GP information and promotion has been invaluable and ongoing.   

The Outcome

We opened smoothly to a full day of 30 happy patients and minimal chaos. It was a huge achievement and absolutely a team effort. Gareth was considered a key part of that team.

We have been at our new location for seven months now and the business has been continually growing.  Gareth keeps in regular contact to ensure everything is running smoothly and provides us with relevant information to help our business.

Client Testimonials

“Gareth’s involvement was extremely worthwhile and saved us an immense amount of time and stress. He was knowledgeable and professional with all the contacts we needed and did not have. He was extremely communicative and collaborative to make sure we knew at every stage where we were up to with our practice setup so we could adjust goals. He was very flexible and ready to help with literally anything and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Gareth and Best Case.”

        - Dr Mark Gately

“Gareth stepped us through from beginning to end with everything required to start the new practice and was always available to answer questions and give us guidance.  He continues to support all of us at Sea Change Clinic and provides us with relevant information and ideas for the growth of the business. Gareth is always respectful, patient and caring and I highly recommend him as a knowledgeable project manager for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

- Michelle Corbett

“Gareth at Best Case was very professional to deal with. He took responsibility for the completion and implementation of a number of components that were necessary to get our practice off the ground and open for business. He always went above and beyond and kept us up to date with what he was doing. I would thoroughly recommend Gareth to anyone setting up or redeveloping a medical practice.”

- Dr Martin McLeod